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(bada means 'the sea' in Korean)

Our Missions 

-Raise awareness on ocean plastic pollution

-Fight for a clean sea by organizing a weekly beach cleanup

-Run campaigns against single use plastics

-Collect and upcycle ocean plastic waste

*Contact: savejejubada@naver.com

*Donation: Currently we are setting up a paypal account.

Weekly Beach Cleanup 

Weekly Beach Cleanup

Picking up trash cannot be the solution. However, it can be a great educational opportunity for people to see firsthand how serious the ocean plastic pollution we are facing is and how closely it is connected to what we eat and how similar it is to the waste we produce at home everyday. We want to help people to see that they have the power to change the world and the power to get the clean bada (sea) back.

Education on Ocean Plastic Pollution 

Upcycling Ocean Plastic 

upcycling ocean plastic

Since 2021, We've collected 2 tons of ocean plastic such as plastic buoys and containers and turned them into camping crates, Korean braille block toys, and key rings. We commit to recycling at least 1 ton of ocean plastic waste each year and make practical and attention grabbing goods so that we can reach out to those who are not that interested in the environment issues (yet!).

We are currently working on new projects! stay tuned! :)

camping crate
Korean braille block toys
key ring
ghost nets
sea-through bags
sea-through bags

We've made sea-through bags out of ghost nets we collected!